After redhats totally dick move, who would actually stay with openshift paas? Theyll just take v2 down with a month notice and think no one is affected. They could do that to v3 too one day, they clearly dont think about the customers. I guess openshift isnt for production after all, only for fun.

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    Well you should be able to just deploy your container to a new instance with minimal effort so I don't see a big issue here. Sure it's a little fast but you should be fine if you built your application right.

    Remember, your application should be epheremal. You should be able to just go in and blow one of your instances up and nothing should happen to the overall application
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    @Froot no. You don't use openshift v2 i guess
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    @Froot and while i agree it should be this is a production app affected for example, it is built to be run on openshift not docker openshift. It was do or die and still is. Don't have free time to dick around with all new tech to make a 12 factor app. Wish i did and many new projects have started with modern dev in mind. But openshift v2 are not docker
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    @plumbus Same should still apply even without docker but I'm quite out of my field by now so I'll leave this πŸ˜‹

    Btw I do have a couple of node apps running in opensource, not docker but it would take me like 5 min to move them since they are 100% reproducible with code in my repo
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    @Froot well fucking good for you and yours. You must work for redhat because my time also means nothing to them. Also like redhat you didnt help my situation or provide useful information. Just mention that apps should be perfectly compatible with every paas. Thats not my experience. Again not everything is docker. Fuck.
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    @plumbus The rage is strong here. I'm in the same boat as you, got the same mail just recently. I just don't struggle with it that much so I thought I'd share 😊
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    @Froot the fuck are you talking about same boat? Clearly you're in a different world. You don't have customers or a not yet containerized app. You don't have a business to run. Go play
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    @Froot I'm gunna try this. Maybe this will get you to show an ounce of compassion and stop bragging about how your little toy apps can be pushed into any docker platform. Reminder that openshift v2 is NOT docker. Ok. From another user impacted by the issue who is already where you claim to be with this shit: "Containerizing the app, resolving the issues, rewriting some of its parts, testing and putting everything together can be a considerable effort, even for a small scale app.

    What's more, the transition process is not instant and should be reversible, so if any serious problem arise, you can just switch back DNS records to the old app, resolve the issues and try again.
    Now, the old app is going to be shut down in a month, so there's no way to go back. The fact is, the migration should be already done and the old apps should be still up and running as a standby in case there's a need for failover." See? This SUCKS, you jerk.
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    @plumbus Ye as I mentioned, quite out of my field but those are the ideals I strive for.

    I don't even know why I'm answering to this shit, you're clearly a rage driven maniac ☺️
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    @Froot same, we've wasted our time. I am in fact a rage driven maniac, especially after the announcement from redhat. And you stated earlier you've no experience in this, but it really bothered me because you continued to speak about something that's literally threatening next months pay as if it were trivial. Even though you and I both know you have a different situation entirely.
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