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  • Biggest hurdle overcome in your dev career?
    Week 67 Group Rant
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    Biggest hurdle I have overcome is <b>myself</b>.

    All my expectations, worries, fears, and doubts definitely caused major hurdles I had to crash through, trip and fall into, or they downright exploded into balls of fire as I would stand dumbfounded and burned by flames of regret.

    Learning I was the blocker to greater achievement, success and ultimately happiness was a very hard lesson for me to learn, and a lesson and discipline that I still battle with today.

    It is difficult to climb the seven story mountain of madness with heavy burdens, plodding with little progress.

    Free the weight, and the natural warm air currents will lift high the spirit, and the body will follow.

    "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly" ~GKC

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    "Free the weight..."
    What does this mean? I am beginner and I think I need this lesson, but can't understand it in those words...
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