Biggest hurdle? Probably other people telling me no.

- My parents wouldn't let me go to college to study CS because 'this computer thing is just a fad and you won't be able to make a living off it'. Instead they pulled me out of school early and made me go study automotive so I could be a mechanic like my dad.

- At 22, my boss at my first tech company job heard I was taking Java classes in the evenings. Told me to stop wasting my money because I'd never be a programmer.

- Got a job at a game development company as a document writer. I could code by then. When I was done with my work I'd look for bugs and send the solutions to the programmers so they could submit them. Tech lead found out and flipped out. Said I wasn't allowed to look at the code because I 'hadn't been hired as a programmer'.

Today I'm a senior developer and pretty happy with my career.

When people tell you that you can't do something, that should be all the motivation you need to work your ass off to prove them wrong.

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing it.
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    "This computer thing is just a fad"... *spews beverage all over screen and keyboard*

    What year was that? 1967? Who thinks like that anymore? Wow.

    And that boss. "Don't help us improve things. We're not interested in improving things."

    Just. Wow.

    Good on you for sticking to it.
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    “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” — Vincent Van Gogh

    The voice is not always within you ☺️
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    @Faraaz Great quote!
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    Always reassuring to hear a positive story. Thanks op
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    @Ratwerks Craziness. In the mid-90s the massive investments in software and hardware alike were really beginning to show that it was all way more than a fad. But I still do happen upon the occasional 65+ individual who refuses to accept what is right in front of them.
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    Yeah, parent's thinking until mid 90ies.
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    @schmuzimaker " 90ies" fucked me up bro. I'm high
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    You are awesome.
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    Well done!
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    Fuck the people that tell you 'No'!
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    Awesome post! I've got the same with Linux servers. People always kept telling me I'd never make it with 'anything related to that crappy OS'. My endless experimenting and trial and error is soon going to land me a job :)
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    This is a great post, I'm so glad you shared it! I totally feel this too:

    -Took AP Computer Science in high school, get a C+ but get told "You might want to consider other career options."

    -Told my high school grades weren't going to get me into any decent colleges, and that I should start working as soon as I could out of high school.

    -Started building websites and games as personal projects over 8 years of working at fast food places, restraunts, retail, sales, and a job at a gym.

    -Get a job as a junior web developer, work there for 2 years and recently changed to another web development position.

    So I definitely feel the whole being told no thing. I have been told I'd never get here because I just wasn't good enough. It's been a struggle over the last 10 years since I graduated, but I'm very happy where I am now.
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    Hey... I tough that internet was only for perverts and people with nothing else to do till 95...
    Then I found out that it's the opposite , internet takes your time and soul
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