Seems like spring boot kotlin doesn't want to cooperate in any way. Tried to set up a backend with it, but it keeps showing an error regarding wrong jvm-target. The project runs nevertheless. I changed the maven settings according to the docs, but no change. Whatever, still runs. However a newly created "hello world" rest endpoint just doesn't work, even following a beginner tutorial. localhost:8080/hello ... error fallback page.
I really wanted to give kotlin a try. Doing the same with java, instantly working.
Fuck spring boot kotlin. Or fuck me for not knowing how to handle it.

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    Use micronaut kotlin.


    Come to the bright side.

    Or Quarkus.


    Spring bad hmkay.
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    Usually in these cases you missed something really really stupid
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    @dmonkey yup exactly. All the autogenerated code I used to get in the past made me forget how to manually set up a controller properly. Neither vs code nor kotlin language service reminded me of declaring the package. Also haven't found a tool to autogenerate this boilerplate.
    Only thing left is the error for runApplication() which I cannot get rid of even though I configured it the settings. At least it works.
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    Loooooool look at the bright side, now you'll always remember.

    Btw didn't Spring boot had some kind of website where you could download a zip with some scaffolding?

    Edit: yep
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    @dmonkey yup, spring initializr 👍
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