I've been infcted with writing awful, sinful, obscure code, so others can't read or change it.

Recently i got my first full time job as a programmer (yay). It's with a company with 15+ year old system and they are currently upgrading it. But it's driving me crazy with the massive mess of old and new code. However it only gets worse! Instead of making it simple and nice to read, they want it over complex, just to get something from the database i have create at least 5 fucking classes and endless SQL code, the old system didn't requier any SQL or the creation og new classes, WTF. I've become a sinner, of corse i use the old system, but i do it secretly, and i obscurify my code so others can't understand. It's shameful, but i'm afraid to confront the older programmers, they've spend too much time in the system and they've been in the business for a lot longer than me.

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    @kaupeyk pretty much, but trust me, that new mess is by No means "clean" it is a jungle of code tailored for singular purposes. But All things considered, I think it's easier to disect the 10-20 lines i write, than to go thrugh a series of classes just to fetch something like a username.
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    @sylflo thank YouTube 😀
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    @Mogar85 thanks autocorrect, i definitely meant "YouTube" and not "you" 😂
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