Have you ever tried FastHub? I think that is one of the best app on android for github.

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    It's ok
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    @dontPanic Do you know something better that I could try ?
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    @Archetipo I've been using PocketHub. Although FastHub looks better actually 😉
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    I use it everyday. 😇. It's good.
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    It's one of the best but it's still not that good...
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    Very good, at least the best I've tried. Ad free too right?
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    Fasthub is the best github client for Android imo. It's also native, open source and maintained it kind of wins everywhere. If you have any issues just post it to the issues tracker on fasthubs github repo and the developer is a chill guy (I have had to do exactly this previously and issue was resolved in within a week or so)
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