Im used to svn for a few years, now need to use git because all say its better. Until now its only just useless complicated and forces me more worksteps. Cant understand the hype.

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    Also came to recommend git kraken
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    I think it depends on the work flow, if you're a solo developer working on a single branch svn is better/simpler. Soon as you start working in teams on separate branches git is so much better at managing branches, svn is clunky in this regard.
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    Even if I would work solo on a project I wouldn't use svn, what if I want to try something out and at the same time develop along in the mainline?
    I would say that svn is somewhere else a better fit (a company I work for uses svn for their DB Scripts for example)
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    Um we had several branches/taggins in our svn Projects. Nothing new that git invented (they just made it more complicated)
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    You're missing a few bits there. Take a look at the key differences and use them to your advantage. As always, git can be better in some situations then svn and svn can be better then git.
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