I wanted to rant that my stickers look so good that I can't get shit done!

The last of my stickers made it to my Hackintosh.0 setup.

It's pretty quick:
2x240gb RAID 0 SSD
1x240gb Main OS SSD
3.73 ghz Core i7
32gb DDR3 RAM
Nvidia 4gb 660 GT
40" Samsung UHD Smart TV
Unicomp 104 Key Model M Buckling Spring Keyboard (Mac Keycaps)
Razer Deathadder Mouse

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    DAMN! That's a dream build!
    I've got a Mackintosh myself:

    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
    4690K @ 3.9GHz
    HyperX 16GB 1833MHz CL9
    Asus GTX 760
    BX100 250GB (W10), 840 Evo (OS X) and 1.5TB HDD (Storage)
    All in a NZXT S340 Black

    Plus an IBM SK-8820 (saving up for a mechanical), Mars Gaming MM0 (cheap gaming mouse) and a Samsung BX2431 24" FHD.

    Bought it with the money I got from selling an Late 2009 21-inch iMac. 0 regrets.
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    I went for speed. You have a wonderful buildout too. My case was surprisingly cheap.
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    @milkbytes my keyboard is my favorite part. ;)
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    @lquessenberry My parts were pretty much all bough in black friday, so the PC was really cheap (the 4690K was 80€ off, for example). The case was just because I'm a sucker for looks :)

    Mechs are kind of expensive and difficult to get in my layout (PT-PT). Still this IBM is one best membrane keyboards I've used so far. I really like the sound the IBM does (tho my family hate my late coding sessions haha)
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