Git blame strikes again

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    Just had the exact same reaction today, seeing my name as the author in the comment block dated 7 years earlier.
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    You should be happy. Disliking your old code means you have improved.

    Well, or you suck and can see the fail in your creations, which is the first step of improvement. 😁
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    The original comic is something like this:
    "Ew, how can someone be into this fetish?"
    "Oh. I am."
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    Ha ! happens to me most of the time with old code that I left to complete other modules !
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    Too many times...
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    I usually have this every Monday afternoon about code I wrote Monday morning
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    So, if you don't work in monday, does it happen tuesday?
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    @CWins Yeah, if I don’t work Monday, Tuesday is replacement Monday...

    I tend to put my week in order on those mornings now though, avoid the stupid mistakes.
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    So what are you doing each monday morning?
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    @CWins vigorous masturbation and coffee.

    Wait no, that would be risky as fuck. Orange juice.

    Nah, I catch up on the latest from the newsletters to see what’s worth investigating, usually toy around with ideas or libraries based on what’s in there.

    I also organise; cut out any meeting for the week that doesn’t have a clear purpose. Review and refactor what was happening the week before, to get a baseline.

    Really it’s just a 1-2h funk depending on the Monday, so I make use of it.
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    It's Monday again. How's it going?

    Btw. i was just eating while reading. that "vigorous masturbation" part caught me off guard.
    Eat +laugh = choke
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    @CWins sound man 😊

    This morning I helped a junior make his way around using pouch and Ionic together...

    Luckily enough the code was not buggy as fuck so i was clearly having a good one.

    Then I spent the day running fucking diagnostics to try and work out what was going on with a Massive SQL calculation I have to look after 😞

    Meanwhile I was writing tech demos in JS for future interviews.

    Basically everything went okay and I didn’t start any new fires at work 😂

    How about yours son? What did you get up to?
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    Me he he.. someone reposted this on 9gag and it's on the hot page now http://9gag.com/gag/aZgKWK6

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    Story of my life.
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