Just found another forum message from someone that doesn't understand Java and JavaScript. They said JavaScript is the code that Java runs....I thought we fixed these people.

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    You can't fix stupid...
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    Ask them if they think a carpet is what a car runs on.
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    I just ADORE dimwits who write specific stuff on topics that they have no idea about, that is grossly wrong.

    This, plus someone saying that the "Y2K bug" was a hoax and needless panic, or when a politician says that every additional vehicle on the road increases the wear and strain of the roads exponentially. Or when people call programs that they download, run and give administrative privileges and they delete something "a virus".
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    The worst part about this posting was that it was in response to a question about usability of a Java vs JavaScript program. Luckily one of the more intelligent group members fixed our broke minded friend within a few minutes. But these morons are out there. Beware....
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