1. Search on google for an answer
2. Find someone asking the same question on some forum
3. See the question has an answer
4. The answer is "Please search yourself before asking. Thread locked."

This happens too often..

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    And if it isnt this, its someone saying, that he has the same issue.
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    Don't get it
    It's help foruns
    Why is that, that the people that can help are so... Jerks? Fuckers?
    I can get one answer out of 10 posts and a solution like one time or two in 200 posts....
    Do people forget that they also had to learn?
    It's so frustrating when you spend two days searching, give up, post a question on a help forum and someone is like, we're not gonna do your code, or just Google it...
    If I had luck in Google I wouldn't make a post that maby gets a good reply two days later...

    Quited a few projects cause of this...

    Fuckers, suckers, smart blue blood dunkey asses
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    @spacem Well, the worst part is that they don't always refer to the duplicate question like almost everyone does on Github issues.
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    I hate these.
    Like, okay, if someone had to re-ask the question, it is a hard af thing to find then.
    Don't say "use Google first" because that is every developers instinct is to Google, nobody likes asking fucking questions. If someone has asked, the answer is hard af to find or the answer is not working.
    So don't lock it, ask them if obscure link you found solves it, or reread their question.
    Worst case scenario, give them the link to the question in the comment on the lock.
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    You write as search.

    Then you read as kill.
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