I've known that users are stupid and should keep that in mind when designing a website. But holy shit that's ridiculous!!!

He said that "when something is not on the middle of the screen flashing then we are not seeing it!"

How the fuck would it look like if I will place the fucking menubar on the middle of the screen with flashing red and blue colors for you dumbass to see?? If you are that incompetent to look on the top (not to mention it's fixed) of the layout where 99% of main menus are placed then you shouldn't use a computer in the first place.

Or maybe my design is bad I am getting uncertain.

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    What utter bullshit feedback, I'd not even bother 😂
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    Or ... Add ...
    margin: 0 auto;
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    I was thought about a big fucking red arrow pointing to the menubar for first visitors. That would be so darn beautiful isn't it?
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    Yes pls animate with css 😍😍😍😍
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    If thats what the customer wants simply do it. If He dont Listen to you saying its not beatiful its his Problem.
    You get your money and the customer is happy win win Situation
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    Luckily my "customer" (father) don't want anything that ugly. And he has common sense too. It was one of the end users.
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    @Teosz fuck the end User in this case 😀
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