Sometimes when I have a 10s break, I think about what I did to get here, and what to do to get... somewhere alive (if possible)

6 years ago, I got my high school diploma in letters.

5 years ago, my depression started while I went to a development / management school. Dropped off one year before graduation, but I prefered to stay alive than having this diploma in my coffin.

1 year ago, I got this (kind of shitty but it pays well but it has drupal so fuck) job and my depression ended.

In two weeks, I'll get back to school for this last one year that I'm missing, so I'll finally get a better diploma.

Within 4 years maximum, I'll leave France to start a new / better / better paid life in Canada.

One hell of a ride, ain't it?

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    Its good to have goals and dreams! What do you hate about France? (I'm not from there)
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    @tomtom I won't say it was better before but the politic is getting more rotten than ever, people are getting more and more stupid and even though web developer is a more-than-stable situation, this is not the case for way too much jobs that people do and aren't nearly paid enough for it
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    @Drillan767 Yep life is about ups and downs, it's how you deal with that shit that makes you the person you are. It sounds like you're not giving up and I can respect that brother.

    I'm living in France myself and know where you're coming from regarding politics, lazy people, high taxes. I'll stop right here before I get onto full on !rant mode.

    Good luck!
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    Canada, dude!

    I'm relocating there in late October, Toronto.

    Myself and wife travelled from Lithuania to UK 3 years ago, and now will be seeking new horizons in Canada!
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    France have great campings and some places where ambar it's sold. Why leave it?
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    @dpobo because I don't care about it :D
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