Day 8. My suffering with no internet connection... has finally come to an end. I had to call the internet providers from outside of my city (capital) so they can come here and fix the internet. They came within 30 mins and fixed this bullshit in 2 minutes, while the engineers and electricians in my city failed to do it for over 8 days. This is astonishingly mindbending to me

In the city where i live everyone seems to be extremely dumb slave and incompetent to do their jobs while people living in the capital city get shit done asap

Need a good doctor that can actually fucking heal you? Go to capital

Need a good doctor that actually knows how to heal your fucking dog? Go to capital

Want to earn more money? Go to capital

Need an electrician who actually knows how to fix the electrical problem? Call the capital city

Need software engineer who actually fucking knows their shit? Go to capital

Need your dick sucked right? Go to capital

Almost everything seems to be done right and fast by people from outside of my fucking city. Of course there are plenty of shit even they cant do. But people in my city cant do ANYTHING right

Im so frustrated and annoyed. Tired of all the shit. Too much shit happening in my life rn. Life gangfking me from All fking directions

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