Things that should be free in the office :
- Water
- Kleenex
- Coffee

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    Uhm I don't see the use of kleenex??
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    @maykdev to clean the coffee spillages
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    @wxcazee hmm we have paper towels for that =p
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    What about Free Software?
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    Fill your cup less if you spill it :p
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    @maykdev ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    At my office it's free, tea, chocolate and some candies too
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    Free food, coffee and beer at my office.

    They lock the beer fridge after 7pm though.
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    * hardware
    * software
    * transport
    * parking
    * vacation
    * lunch
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    What kind of company doesn't have free water???
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    Besides water, you shouldn't be *obligated* to have anything else. Water, only because it's necessary for your health.

    Don't be that kind of person who thinks they deserve everything and all these benefits are just obviously needed. If you want it that badly, look harder for a company that provides them. Otherwise, deal.
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    Idk I feel like coffee should also be mandatory in dev companies.
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    I also enjoy free stationery
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