So I had my headphones on programming when I get a tap on my shoulder... instead of saying it in my head, "for fuck sakes" came rolling out of my mouth to our HR lady. She wasn't pleased. 😂🔫

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    Never apologize for honesty 😀
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    Lol 😂
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    I wouldn't give a duck.
    It infact appears to be a perfect idea for the disgruntled dev bunch out there 😏
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    I thought I was the only one who gets pissed off for getting disturbed every 5-10 mins... Fellow devs keep coming up how to do this, in which file is the code for this feature, in which table is this value stored?

    I know our documentation is crap but still try to find yourself or else you won't learn....
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    I understand perfectly. Honestly I unplugged my phone for 30 minutes today and posted a note on the door "in a webinar, do not disturb" just to code with Korn blaring in the background.
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