Not a rant but just curious to see what mobile OS do all you devs on devRant use?

I recently moved from Android to iOS. Doing so has made me realise how much I loved using Android but due to its inherent stuttery lag, inferior standby time and memory management, I will be staying with iOS for now.

What are your reasons on using the mobile OS that you are using now?

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    I use Android on a Motorola Moto X and iOS on an iPhone 7. Both are my daily driver.
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    iOS here. I'm now on my third iPhone, a 7+, that replaced a 6+ I'd had since launch day.

    The fact that even 3-year old phones get OS updates is vastly more important to me. I also find Android to be over-complicated and frustratingly inconsistent.
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    I realised something after writing this post. I use my iPhone SE (which has amazing battery life) as a daily when I'm out and about but then I fall back to my old Nexus 5 when I arrive back home. I guess I use both as a daily driver too. It works out well since the Nexus 5's old battery only lasts a couple of hours so it's perfect for using at home where I can just charge it. But my iPhone SE lasts 2 days easily with my usage if I forget to charge.
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    A samsung with XtreStoLite deo mod rom.
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    I was constantly switching between iOS and Android .. but I think I'm settling on Android now..
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    @wholl0p so what is Android doing right that is making you stay with it over iOS?
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    @hookless123 oh sorry, totally forgot to explain :D So:
    I mainly use and like it because of the phone it comes with.. in my case the Galaxy S8+. I really love that phone, its non-existing bezels, and yeah.. of course Android. I like Android itself because of it's flexibility, it's customizablity and because I can develop apps in Java (that's what I learn (unfortunately)). I even worked for an Apple Premium Reseller and I really was a huge Apple fanboy and I even use and love my MacBook Pro, but I think I will stay with Android..
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