When you open a 13-year-old PC that has never been opened and there's so much dust that even the vacuum is like "plz no" 😑

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    I once repaired a server which contained a large spider (hand palm sized), and a webbed cocoon thing containing the skeleton of a small mouse.

    Since that day, I close off every PCI slot, and even cover the fans with finely mazed dust filter screens.
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    @bittersweet at least it didn't have bugs
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    @bittersweet was that server located in a forest? 😬
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    @Faraaz Uh no a 3U rack server in a datacenter in Belgium. The spider was most likely an escaped pet, it was too tropical for Europe.

    It was a really gross datacenter though, puddles on the concrete floor from leaky pipes and moldy wooden doors.
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    Lmao even the vacuum tubes are saying please no.

    (Before you reply, don't get your historical inaccuracies in a twist. This was a joke!)
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    @bittersweet at that point, I would have just burned down the whole building. Mold, ok a cleaning crew can fix it. Giant death spider of Doom? Fuck that!
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    @bittersweet Did you shit yourself? Because I definitely would have shit myself.
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