Won a raspberry pi playing the Google dino run game... what would I use it for?

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    I would make it my personal repository server.
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    PBX, that's what I did with mine this weekend
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    How do you win a raspberry pi playing the dino game?
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    You could play more Dino game in it. 😁
    Or install flint os and use it for browsing. Or actually both.
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    @UnknownDev I was at a volunteer appreciation party at a place I volunteer and they decided to have a dino game tournament.
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    @Nosferatu Damn, i need to volunteer more.
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    @Schlarman wish the Red Cross gave out raspberry pi's
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    @UnknownDev Do you volunteer for the Red Cross?
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    @Schlarman yes, Red Cross is completely (out at least almost) completely voluntary 😉

    (At least to my knowledge)
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    My last personal PI project was a weather station to control a micro watering system for the wife's patio plants. I also used one as a DHCP server for a client.
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    @coolq You are correct! Everything we do is based on volunteering.
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    Well, my raspberry currently hosts some good stuff.
    1. Discord bot
    2. Auto ddns request script
    3. Always on torrent daemon
    4. Still WIP site
    5. An external HDD samba share
    6. An idle rts/rpg im planning to make, playable on discord
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    Playing the dino rungame ... Duh
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    @UnknownDev awesome, glad I got that right, do you work for the Red Cross? If so, good on you!
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