https://support.live.com/ returns "Service Unavailable - DNS failure" but hotmail continues to list my servers as spammer...
how the fuck do I delist my server like this!!! FUCK!

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    Stop spamming, maybe?
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    nope. legit enterprise emails
    plus idiot end users
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    How Idiot end users always have a hand in most troubles. Pure Evil right there.
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    Well a smart enough email provider automatically takes you off after a while. They don't infinitely blacklist, because think... if they ban you for a month after 100 spam emails they're still taking care of 99.999% of the problem which is good enough.

    Also: your PTR records may be configured incorrectly. You need to have proper mx records pointing to the server, and an a record that points to the server, and then a Ptr record that declares the ip belongs to an a record with a particular name, which can be checked against the a record and the host name that the smtp server is declaring itself. So make sure you have all those records configured right, the host name the smtp server uses right, and chances are it will start working.

    Also make sure you are not configured as an open relay. Tail -f mail.log to see if there's shittons of spammers using you as an open relay, and also use the command mailq to see if there are messages that are stuck not able to be delivered, all indicators of if you have this issue.

    Setting up a mail server is not as easy as it looks.
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    I have had the same problem, it's fixed by SPF TXT record in your DNS config. Without a SPF record, outbound emails are usually classified as spam.
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