I love my gf but she can't talk code, or mathematics etc... What do I do? She refuses to even try becoming interested.

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    I don't think you can force someone to be interested in a subject they're not. The truth is, most people have zero interest in code, sad as that is.

    We could start a whole discussion about how coding should be taught in schools in the standard curriculum, but you get the idea.
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    Talk about things she enjoys talking about or sth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @dontPanic I like your attitude, that's exactly what I need.


    How do I get it? Haha
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    @theScientist I'm well aware, she isn't :P
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    @theScientist truth
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    @devmg talk about poetry or art or music in general
    Bitches love talking about enlightened stuff

    I love so much using "bitches love xyz" ironically I'm sorry

    Or don't. People tend to like different things. As I always say,

    Life's a piece of shit
    When you look at it
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    Poetry is boring. Art and music are good. But I'm a code so I can't exactly say what other bitches love.
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    @MissDirection tbh I believe people can talk about anything as long as they can make it sound interesting
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    @dontPanic true. I just find poetry boring.
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    @MissDirection that's completely fine lol
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    Good! Take the hint... variety is the spice of life and all that crap. Some questions:

    What's her favourite TV programme? Food? Hobby? If you had a weekend free, where would she like to go? And so on... if you don't know the answers, you're self obsessed and need to catch yourself on.
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    @dontPanic I see what u did the :D
    "Bitches love blue"
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    Marry her...
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    "Enlightened stuff" ahahaha 😅
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    @Ashkin I wish I was enlightened by stuff.
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    Does she accept you for who you are? Then you can try to continue.

    Does she not, break up and find someone who can find the interest to understand a little what you do.

    Hint: explain stuff with puppets in a puppetshow. They will love that
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    @CrankyOldDev thanks. I know the answer to all these questions, but that's a great reminder anyway.
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    @moortuvivens yeah she does. Haha, I have to try puppets next then!
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    @devmg puppet1: computers have data, and this data is alllllllll ones and zeroes. We call these bits. Just like a cookie, the crumbles are bits as well hahahaha.

    Puppet2: why bits?

    Puppet1: it comes from the words binary digits. Shortened to bit

    Puppet2: whats a binary?

    Puppet1: a binary is like us. Two.
    Bi stands for two. Count with me, zero one. Yes you got it!!

    Puppet 2: So a bit is binary, meaning two, or one , zero. So a bit can be either a one or a zero?

    Puppet1: You made the right conclusion there. A bit can be a zero or one. In a special case it can be both or neither, but we'll quantum to that later, hahahaha.

    Puppet2: well i've learned a lot. See you next time

    Puppet1: come to the webside, we have cookies
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    If you want more free time for coding, buy her a horse ( cause bitches love...), if you want her attention, talk about her interests, not yours.

    My plan B would be, write a shopping app that exactly fits her needs and ask her for ideas/input during the creation process :-)
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    I don't think you should ever break up just because you're not interested in each other's main passions. Being different makes a relationship fun.

    As long as you share enough interests to keep conversations going, it's fine. As time passes, you develop new shared interests.

    The most valuable thing in life is a deep meaningful relationship with someone. I often feel like people give up on love a bit too easily when it's not perfect.
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    Don't talk about the code. My gf also isn't interested in code and stuff. But I do some projects, in the result she is interested. Now I'm building an iot sensor network with influx and grafana to measure the soil moisture of her plants. She enjoys the plants part and the results, I enjoy the coding and the results.

    Most of the time your gf will be interested in the result, not the code. After a while she brings ideas to improve your projects and indirectly your code.

    Making someone force to love something is impossible and probably breaks up your relationship with her.

    And girls like men don't have general interests that every 'bitch' or 'cockholder' loves. Talk to her and you'll find out.

    But talking directly about code is probably not possible. I know that problem :)
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    @theScientist I was just trying to be funny
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    What about you leave your comfortable little bubble and find a common interest?
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    Did you try sudo?
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