I want to create an Dual Boot on my PC with Windows which should be for gaming and stuff and Ubuntu which should be for Development.

But I can't decide which Desktop I will take but, I have Marked two as very nice: Mint and KDE Plasma.

All these Decisions 😫

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    It's not windows, nobody dictates what you have to use. You can install both and decide on each login which one to use that time.

    You know, that's what the Stallman thingy of free as in freedom (not as in free beer) is about.
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    I use KDE on my fedora and i would not replace it. I used GNOME, Unity and Cinnamon (which is basically GNOME) before but I like KDE the most. I recommend you to try.
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    Install both and pick whichever feels more comfortable :p
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    1) Ubuntu 16.04 is old
    2) Gnome or xfce
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    @Froot how is Ubuntu 16.04 old? It's the LTS from April last year

    To op: I'm using Lubuntu in a VM and Zorin/Win10 as a dual-boot
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    I think that a some users will disagree with this comment, anyway.
    If it's your first install I suggest you to go with Ubuntu, I hate unity but ubuntu it's a good and easy way to take confidence with the environment.

    After that absolutely switch to Linux Mint KDE.

    I said that because KDE is awesome but it's also a bit buggy, important stuff always works, but sometime (almost never, but happens) requires a little help to work 100% properly.
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    @Krokoklemme April last year. So it's over a year old
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