I like that coding is becoming more and more popular.

I like that more and more people are taking steps to manifest there ideas and potentially change the world.

But for fuck's sake... can't geeks be allowed to be the fat pimply introverts of the olden days?? This used to be a realm for the misfits, and now the same assholes who tormented said misfits are joining in and making the rest feel inadaquit all over again. You can't just be a coder anymore, now you have to be a good looking and health crazed professional with great personal skills and then somehow be able to also be a master of your craft.

I don't want to hear about how you write code in between your 100 pushups and avocado toast and having a few cold ones with the boys after your <insert sport here> game. I want to hear about how you ate pizza with one hand and crushed your build with the other in between sips of shitty soft drinks and fistfuls of candy while pulling an all nighter for the nth time cuz daylight is for pussies.

Too much pressure these days as it is, and this isn't helping.


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    Laugh out loud
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    Fucking THANK YOU.

    I hate the new stereotype. Give me the old one. I'm that. Please.
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    No because at a certain point you learn that that isn't sustainable. Alternatively you end up becoming a neckbeard fuckboi that complains about how women only want assholes, get jealous of the smart guy who is also hot because he puts time into himself in every way, not just mentally, and become a misogynist internet troll. Either way it's not a good look. In fact it's an ever shrinking stereotype that worships the "good I'm days" rather than learning how to be a functioning human being in society.
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    What's wrong with people who want to take care of them and live a long life? Well not sure it's the kind of people you're speaking of though x) but fuck man, why should we have stereotypes about what a programmer is? If it was always the same people... Man it would be boring. And I guess we won't even have girls programmer :'(
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    hahha i understand you but don't worry because the people you are talking about will probably give up with programming at one point since it required to much time and effort which those people prefer to put in push up and so.
    But we definetely shouldn't have stereoptype and anyone that is good at, should be a coder. And do whatevet they want to do in their free time.
    i like to do sport in between my coding but i would be also happy to hear about your pizza from last night XD
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    I guess you're complaining about the brogrammers that make sure they give a hard time to other non muscular programmers. But not all are this way. There's Jon Sonmez (Simple Programmer YouTube channel) who helps others. He's a nice chap.
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    I think in part the new wave if brogrammers are the direct result of shows like Silicon Valley and Betas that show us in that light, and even though they existing before such shows, they are certainly more prevalent now as a result.

    While I agree to an extent; I think you need to accept that cultures shift and change, they adapt and morph into new cultures and develop new traits. It's just a part of human culture.
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    THANK YOU! This has been on my mind for such a long time. I wouldn't call myself either a fat guy nor a fit guy but this makes sense. Let me be unhealthy and feel like it's the norm!! (I'm immature I know)
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    News flash:
    You get assholes in every industry.
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    I like to work out and eat well, but I don't see how that makes me an asshole?
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    So, like, Hackers?
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    @draoncc woah woah woah, I’m hurt. 😏
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