Updated my personal site to use bulma CSS framework last night. Pushed it all up, then realised github pages doesn't do npm install before it builds the site. So there was no CSS for a bit.

The only way around was to commit node modules folder to git repo. Feels wrong but better than having no CSS.

I guess that's what happens when you use a free service 😁

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    @trubesv is right, you can simply use a CDN to work with Bulma, but if you're editing Bulma files, you could always import the sass file you need, compile it into a single CSS file that you can link to and upload. You can write NPM scripts to do that
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    Does the pipelines extension provide a deployment option for npm install?
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    @trubesv @codeandcookies good point, but I'm customising the sass variables so didn't want to use the CDN link. Jekyll has good support for sass built in so wanted to make use of it if I could.
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    @shdw cheers, didn't know there was one? Do you have a link for docs for it?
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    @chrisrhymes damn it's for Bitbucket only. Sorry about that. It's probably coming for Github soon.
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