People who send to you an email instead of talking to you despite the fact they sit next to you.

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    @h3ll that's right, unless this isn't done every time with everything. If not, then you spent more time going through your mails instead of working.
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    This is a feature not a bug. See also instant messaging.
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    Could be they want it documented if work related.
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    I fucking hate this shit. Why does everything have to have a fucking paper trail. I'm old school I use the telephone and face to face communications. I routinely don't answer emails on principle.
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    For me it's not the paper trail, it's the break in concentration. If I can respond to a request over chat or email, I don't break focus. If I have to speak to a person/answer the phone, it breaks my concentration and I lose 10-15 min just getting back into my code afterwards.
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    or people writing emails, skyping you about the emails, then walking over to you asking if you've seen his Skype and mail. yes, that happens a lot...
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