When I was a kid, I used Dreamweaver and my mother would watch me doing things and she used to say "Oh, my dear there are lots of icons and buttons!!! How do you manage that? How do you know which one is for what purpose? You are really brilliant."

And now I use Atom IDE and she says "This looks very easy. Technology has evolved so much that you don't have to click so many buttons and just write simple lines, just as simple as writing letters and the software does the rest of the things. These softwares have done a brilliant job."

Seriously the technology has changed (and my mother too) !!!

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    10 years from now, you can just tell Alexa what features you want implemented, and it's done.
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    Hahaha thts true
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    > "Alexa, build a website following the client's wishes"
    > "I am unable to build a 'Facebook like but more modern' with the font 'Comic Sans MS'"
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    I do find Dreamweaver to be more difficult than just writing out the lines 😂 but that might just be because I hate Dreamweaver 😂
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    Wait until you switch to vim. Then you'll be like:

    - Look ma, no mouse!
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    My parents never really appreciated my childhood dev carrier :(
    And I created pretty cool RPGs in Game Maker.

    Also worked with Dreamweaver too! :)
    And Microsoft Frontpage... But that was when I was really small.
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    I actually first learned how to build websites from my programmer dad when I was 8, but he taught me with HomeSite, so I've been hard-coding HTML pretty much from the start. Then I took a shitty web design class in middle school where you had to use some obscure WYSIWYG editor on mac OS 9 and it was so frustrating! It's awesome that your mom gets it.
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    She has a point though. With code, it's easier to figure out what happens. The Dreamweaver interface would drive me crazy.
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    Hey Siri, I want a full website in 5 minutes...
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    Use vim, and your mother will say, "Oh God, it's so easy and simple, you don't even need that mouse..."
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    "Atom IDE"???
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    @Raamakrishnan you could have started a war!
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    Make me a website.
    Make it shiny with nice swishy menus and fancy font. No bugs or errors plz also find my grandson on facelibrary
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