This is a follow up on my previous rant https://devrant.io/rants/815062

I confronted her again.

I was told that I am useless and worth noting to this world, worth more dead than alive.

I was told that I will never get anywhere in life, and that the time I have spent watching Elon Musk interviews (amongst other ones, I do this for fun) is fucking useless, as I will never get anywhere ini life. Only low-life pieces of shit such as myself deserve nothing apparently.

I had to organise a place to stay with my family, but I couldn't for a week. I slept on the floor outside my workplace, and bathed at friends.

I have moved out, had to go get my own place. I have nothing, but I have my motivation back. I have my coding behind me, I have my motivation, I have my mind clear, and I have plans for the future.

I plan to fucking make a name for myself, and fuck everyone who has a fucking issue with it.

Will distribute the app sometime.

Fuck people who fuck you around.

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    sorry to hear that man! wish you good luck and a better gf in the future

    and yes keep up the positive thinking and don't let others dictate your life! ✌
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    Best of luck! Making it on your own after such a rough time is the best feeling.
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    Been there myself, so I have a slight idea of what you're going through. Although it seems to me that you're handling it better than I did.

    You have my axe!
    I mean, you have my moral support!
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    Good luck and godspeed, man!
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    Oh and let us know when you've released the app! 😁
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    I don't know the intricacies of your relationship, but your ex sounds like a bad person overall, especially given her reaction when you confronted her.

    Threw you out? Made you and your family be homeless? No matter what shit happens in a relationship, you don't do that to a HUMAN BEING.

    My blood boils thinking what I would have done if I were in your place. You must be a very tempered person.
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    Fuck, I'm so sorry to hear this happened... I'm glad you could share this with us all, I'm sure your life will proceed with success from now on. Be careful of who you end up with, unfortunately not everyone is honest and a sweetheart, inside, most try to break you, and/or to take advantage of you in soulless ways.
    Good luck for everything, I hope you succeed in life.
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    Sounds like this is going to be an improvement in your life. You'll make it through, it'll suck from time to time, but it'll be worth it in the end to focus on you and your future for a while.

    I believe in you and know you can do whatever you put your mind to. Don't let any negative fucking Nancys tell you otherwise, no matter who they are.

    I'm proud of you for getting out of that toxic situation. Take care of yourself and let me know if you ever need to talk.
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    It's better you found our sooner than later. Chin up bro.
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    I am happy that you got your energy and found encouragement in your own badasness. Get better man!
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    I'd love to toss a couple of bucks at you. Release 'Heartbreak' packet sniffer and let's help you get back on your feet?
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    Wow, what a heartless bitch. Good for you it ended sooner than later.

    You should be more picky next time, nobody deserves taking shit from those kinds of people.

    Wish you well, men. Stay awesome!
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    https://youtu.be/1tiFEtKwAys you do matter and you are worth something. Don't let her drag you down. <3
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    What a fucking bitch. But really good to see that you're already starting to think positive again! Take care, let us know when you're finished with the application and next to that, no matter how hard feelings might be right now, that's one badass way to catch someone cheating!

    Keep on rocking, dear sir 😎
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    Look man, we don't know each other and I have not been in that deep of a hole as you find yourself in, but I strongly believe that all the hardship in our lives do make us stronger, wiser and better men and women, as long as we don't drown ourselvs in sorrow and take some form of action.

    I am really proud of your attitude and your spirit!

    "Never let anyone tell you what you can and can't be, not even me!" - this is a quote from the movie "The pursuit of happiness", a movie about the story of someone in a position very similar to yours, and damn, this really is the key to taking control over your destiny.

    I really wish you all the best! I wish you strenght and determination, so you can overcome your problems.

    And remember, you are awesome, no matter what all the haters will ever say!

    Peace to you, my friend!
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    Dude you rock. If you commit to it (no pun intended), I'm sure you'll succeed. I also watch elon musk interviews for fun and man, that time isn't wasted. One can actually learn a thing or two about him. It's better than scrolling on Facebook aimlessly.
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    You found out because you're smarter than her. In that you've already won. Turn your anger into motivational fuel and you'll get farther yet. She sounds like a toxic person who projects her own insecurities onto others. It sucks but I'm sure you will look back on this and be grateful. Plus you've an interesting story to tell.
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    I had a similar break up with my ex. She was a cute, smart girl who turned out to be a cheating gold digger with anger issues.

    I was left outside, alone, in the middle of a cold night, while it was rainining, where no public transportation was available. Just like in the drama movies.

    She then messaged me later and told me the same your ex told you. She wished me the most miserable life ever possible. Verbally abused me in every way, asked anyone she could reach to delete me on Facebook (not that I care for it) and even asked people in an online game to delete me, when they asked why, she had to come up with a reason so she said that I cheated on her. Nobody ever believed to those lies.

    Guess what happened in the following year?
    I got a new, better job, a new motorcycle, new apartment, new dog and a loving girlfriend. Traveled around the world and still spent less money than with the ex.

    In the following months after the breakup she (ex) kept asking me to get back with her.
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    Life becomes much better when you leave the toxic people behind.
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    Drop her from your life and move forward. She's just mad you caught her.

    Now sleep with her friends 😎
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    Dude, just focus on yourself, set your life straight. All will be good - if God is on your side, who can be against?
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    It's her defense tactic. Rather she humbled herself and admits her wrongdoing, or she gets absorbed by her pride and attacks you. She obviously did the latter. What she did is hellish and you deserve better. You're a brilliant mind and will go much further in life. Wish I could help somehow. Hang in there!
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    I'll make sure to pop you a link once I publish it.
    Thanks for the kind words
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    @fun2code I'd suggest simply ignoring him if you really dislike him.
    On the other hand - physical violence between males usually resolves problems. How did it create one?
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    @starless Fuck yeah! Awesome name for an app. Heartbreaker Packet Sniffer!
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    @fun2code well, let me resolve this for you.

    1. When I say violence - I mean a fight between two guys, that ends with a couple of bruises. I am not speaking of constant bullying and etc.
    Violence always solved issues between people (males mostly), since you let your anger out and then understand how stupid and unimportant the fight and the reason were. It's all around the world like like this.

    2. In your case it's not about the physical violence. The fact that he was swearing at you like this is way more dramatic than the punches.
    I don't know the reason for him to act like that but he sounds like an idiot and he is definitely not your friend.

    3. Also I don't know your age but it seems like you guys are teenagers at most. Just know that stupid things like that happen with kids, sometimes they are very hard to explain, but it all goes by and in the end is being forgotten.
    It's all gonna be alright, just keep the toxic people away from yourself.
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