I automated the process of downloading songs from YouTube and transferring them to my phone.

This is how it works, very simple:
- I have a youtube playlist in which I add songs that I'd like to download
- When I run my python script, it parses my playlist and checks to see if I have added any new songs that aren't already downloaded
- Uses a library to download MP3 for all the songs I want to download
- Transfers all those MP3 files to a designated folder that is tracked by Google Music manager
- Google Music manager syncs those songs to my phone and downloads them for offline playback

That's it 😎 No need for YouTube Red

I'm going to run this script 24x7 on a Raspberry Pi, so everytime I add a new song to the playlist, script starts it's job without me running the script manually.

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    Seems awesome! If you ever want to share your work, feel free! :D
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    Feel free to checkout my script on github


    If you're interested, let me know, I'll add some instructions on how to set it up.
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    @pbhoiwala I've been planning on setting something similar up, but due to my slow internet it's pointless for a while still. Please do post instructions?
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    @pbhoiwala Awesome! Great job. Please add readme
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    Nice two see youtube_dl in action. Fixed one or another bug in that :D
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    I’ve been wanting something like this, but didn’t even know it. Thank you!
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    @pbhoiwala Checking your Github profile might have been a good idea before asking. Haha

    Thank you for the link though!
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    @SlipperyGloves @Jilano @TheCapeGreek @jabrekadabre
    Guys, I've refactored my code and added a README.md file. It might seem complicated but trust me, it's not. Once it works, it'll be like magic.

    Let me know if you've any issues. @Kimmax Thanks for contributing to `youtube_dl`
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    That's actually really cool, wish I could do something like this!
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    I'm gonna use it for my Plex server !
    Thanks for sharing !
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    @pbhoiwala I've bookmarked it and plan on checking it ASAP.
    Thanks for the readme!
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    Now this is what I have been looking for. Let me see how it goes
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    Nice work 👍🏾 always a nice change of pace to see some positivity on DevRant!
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    This is such a blessing
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    Just dropping by to say thanks for the script :D
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    I am happy that you wrote this on py3!! :D
    Youtube_dl is a very nice library! Thank you!
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