Even at university same story :D

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    Oh shit, I'm the fat guy with a pony tail.
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    But I'm not a guy at all!

    no wonder I never fit in 🙁
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    At my college, I was the tall skinny white guy. I'm Mexican 😅
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    In my school group we have the fat guy with pony tail, im the tall white guy and there is a girl. There needs to be a girl.
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    Sounds like a programmer's career progression to me (excluding racial parts)

    Here is mine:
    Tall Skinny Guy (previous state) -> Some Guy with crazy facial hair (current state) -> Fat guy with Ponytail (not too far away but I guess I will skip ponytail)
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    I can't relate..
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    @Ashkin come sit over here with me and people watch, I saved you a seat ❤
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    @QueenMorgana !! Okay 😄
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    @configurator Me too! High five!
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    I'm guy with crazy facial hair. I feel like that's a win?
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    Just realized this applies to my IT class! LMFAO
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