Dear son: when I ask you to stop using Netflix because I need all the network juice for a work-related call, please do close it or play a downloaded movie. Don't just turn the volume off...

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    That sounds like something I would do. I'm sorry to laugh, because I get you need to work. I just can't stop laughing though.
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    daaamn! sometimes when I'm in similar situation I used to use a software called NetCut, it stops internet for everyone except me. I once learned how to do it on Kali Linux but forgot lol, you better learn how to do it, its only a couple of commands to an already installed terminal software in Kali Linux, this will teach him a lesson lol
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    @gitpush you can do it without any software of your router provides you with its own admin panel. You can control access to each connection
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    @jalebiBhai and I thought I was hacker man :P 😂
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