I'm starting to feel super frustrated with my job.
Sometimes I feel like people who work for large tech companies must have it easy. My company is trying to do this digital transformation thing. Modern development practices Scrum, agile, CI/CD etc. So I was put on a team to work on a project with this new methodology. The idea was we would build the front end and interface with the core systems via service calls. Of course it didn't work out that simple and we had to add our own server side stuff but whatever. It's really hard without a point of reference for any of this stuff. We don't have established coding standards, the data we are working with is a mess, incompetent vendors, the infrastructure team supporting the environments can be such arrogant fucks when we need their help to get shit done. The team also doesn't have any members who really know the core systems well. I am the only developer on the team who is an employee of the company the rest are contractors who are in and out. Last week it was literally just me. This is my first job out of school btw I've been here a year now. I guess I just feel frustrated that I have to figure out so much on my own I don't really have many senior devs at the company I can look to. And on the team I've sorta ended up in an unofficial leadership position. Feels like a lot on my shoulders. I feel like if i could have worked for a bigger company I could learn to do a lot of things better. I feel like there's too much on me for the amount of experience I have or am I wrong ?

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    Dude you are gold Nd you will become diamond. Don't be frustrated, this is the best that could have happened to you.
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    @Amitkumar Yeah I understand in principle, I'm learning more this way but a mentor would still be nice, you know ?
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    Just make sure you are compensated accordingly and don't burn yourself out. Mentors can be a crutch sometimes.
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    I guess you have a point there wouldn't want my hand held forever @sha-i
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    I don't want to sound like a fortune cookie but what may feel like missfortune may in fact be a great opportunity. I guess it sucks not having someone to guide you in this process. But heck, I'm sure you can get something out of this (besides a higher pay).
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