So I wonder if anybody on here has ever come across the LG G3 flickering screen issue.

I bought a LG G3 about 2 years ago. Fantastic phone.. Until all the issues started appearing.
First of all, the glass started lifting off on the left side of the phone, exposing the backlight layer, because the phone somehow managed to bend (insert iphone joke) inside my pocket. I was okay with it since it was a minor visual thing and didn't affect anything.
About 6 months ago the phone started lagging like crazy, and it kept getting worse and worse. It's so bad right now that Twitter will rarely fullscreen images, apps crash all the time, and occasionally the phone freezes to the point where it won't even react to the lock button.
About 2 weeks ago I started getting messages that my sim card was removed, and the phone starts rebooting itself. This would sometimes happen 10 times a day.
I was already pissed at all of these issues and in a desperate need of a new phone, but on Sunday a brand new issue appeared!
The phone's display randomly shut off, then wouldn't want to turn on, and occasionally turn on just to fade out or flicker away.
I of course went to google to see if anybody else has this issue... And it turns out that youtube is full of videos about it. Apparently the overheating issue these phones have slowly ruins the solder on the chips, which in turn creates a poor connection and causes these issues. The only way to solve it seems to be to reflow the chip, but others that tested that only got it to work for around 2 weeks before the issues started reappearing. I haven't tested it myself yet, but after disassembling, fucking around with it, and putting it all back together 3 times I sort of got it to work to the point where I can use it for several minuted before the displays fails. While writing this rant the display only quit on me once at the very beginning.

What I'm wondering is, why is it that nobody at LG decided to address the heating issue by perhaps throttling the CPU more? And I heard the G3 isn't the only LG phone with these issues?
This crap made me lose all my trust in the company. I wanted to upgrade to a G6 or V30, but because of this crap I think my next phone might be a Xiaomi.

This rant is now so long that it's barely even a rant or on topic. I think I should end it here since I have nothing more to say other than the LG G3 is a beautiful but crap phone, oh, and the new iPhone 8 is a flop

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    No really the same problem, but similar in some ways: my Z1 (after a bent that cracked the glass and touch (thanks Sony for gluing them together) started to show a flickering on certain images. Anything with green and some black and white images made the screen blur flicker like crazy (no crashes). After three screen replacements,all having the same flaw sooner or later, the screen ended up being replaced directly by Sony, and to this day no flaws.
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    @nbamaral Very different issue. Nothing wrong with the actual panel on my phone, but the processor itself is poorly connected, causing bootloops in other devices, and screen fading and glitching in mine, as if the GPU failed or something. Yet the digitizer still works even when the screen shuts itself off
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    I had a G3 for three full years before it died on me while watching netflix. :(

    I had the same issue of the left side of the screen was popping out. It was my extended battery that was causing it to do that.
    I didn't have any issues with the sim card though.

    I currently have a G6. Unfortunately, it looks like the tmobile model isn't getting root.
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    G3 here with a trusty korean customer.

    It is a known issue that most lg phones (g2~g4,g5) gets heated so fast. It can be a plus in the winter time, but not in the summer. Just overcome it. I am using for years, and i am just used to it.

    And the screen flicker. It should have a connection with the backlight exposed, but here is something that may help ya.
    If you see a white mountain or some dust that seems to be inside the screen, and over the backlight, that is a faulty screen. Most after service centers should replace this for free.

    Wiping the phone and doing things from scratch may help is there is some os issue.

    I dont know exactly, but if there is any Lego like connectors attached to the sim tray or the sd card slot, remove them with the appropriate tools, and then reattach them.

    The buttons not responding can be a os os issue, not the buttons. Buttons are connected to the panel directly, so removing or cleaning some space, cache, and doing so may work again.
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    And as a side note, if you want to repair the screen, i say never do it. Repairing the screen is so complicated in g3, according to my experience, like the htc 10 repair.
    Go to the customer service shop immediately.
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    And if you have some thick case, remove them
    It will make your phone hotter, not releasing heat.
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    Sorry for the spam, but in lg g3, as far as i know, the screen, the touch panel, and the backlight is all together, making it to cause faulty screens, and display problems if ANY ONE OF THEM is broken. You should repair them al together.

    Tldr. Just buy iphone x😝😝
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    I got the screen flickering problem this past summer when trying to load my train e-ticket...lol.

    I only had it for a year.

    Switched to a moto g5 plus.
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    @CozyPlanes What you said about overheating is quite stupid. Overheating isn't just an inconvenience, it melts the solder, weakening the connections over time. The flickering issues on the G3 have nothing to do with dust or poor screen connection. It's simply because of a poor connection between the big black chip (most likely CPU though not 100% sure) and the motherboard. This same issue causes a bootloop on some phones, and flickering in others.
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