*goes on site looking for free anime to stream*

Site: *popup* we noticed you're using an ad blocker! Please turn it off to continue using our site!

Me, an intellectual: *opens chrome developer tools, finds the HTML for the popup, opens its corresponding CSS and adds display: none; continues watching anime blissfully, without popups and ads*

Who said being a developer wasn't a super power?

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    Now use something like greasemonkey to do it automaticly for you
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    Generally speaking, I do pretty much the same BUT when I find a good website that I like, I would always whitelist it on my adblock.

    While ads are freaking annoying, they are the source of income for such free services
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    Use ublock origin. Awesomeness incarnate
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    Or use Ghostery Chrome Extension. Not only it blocks ads but trackers too.
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    My partner was trying to buy some pharmaceuticals the other night, from the advice of a qualified consultant, and the site had a block to say that she needed to be registered with a user who registered for pharmaceutical care.

    I looked at the product page to add the cart with the message showing and was like.. /wtf/.. she handed me the laptop and I just inspected the Dom and simply removed the div with the overlay class and she was able to add it to cart and pay through the checkout.

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    Adblock plus is getting shit.
    Use ublock Origin.
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    @Drastic three comments up, yup :)
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    Lol. Add css display: none;?
    I always click the html click and press "delete" xD
    or maybe next time z-index:-1;
    or- position:fixed;top:-100vh;
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    Nice tip, didn't tough about that...
    Must check it out...
    And btw one or a few adds its OK
    Porn ads
    Ads that try to install malware
    Ads that close the current page...
    Those kind of ads are abusive and should be considered malware...
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    Hint: 9anime is probably the best free site I've ever come across.
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    blocking adblock blockers
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    @Goldalex oooh, nice I'll look into it!!
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    I just get the source for the MP4 to play stuff, it's not too hard.
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    @jesse-bryant wow! That's ridiculous some of these sites really aren't secure - relying on client-side validation or blocks alone really isn't enough.
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    @BambuSource lmao, the possibilities are endless. Good call on the delete though didn't think of that!
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    @aaxa I'll check it out!!
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    @morefox say that 10 times fast and I'll give you a cookie!!
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    I once found a site that added a popup as a random HTML tag with a random class in a random position somewhere in another HTML element so that it would require a bit more to spot and block it 🤔
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