#iPhone X users in a nutshell: Welcome to Android gestures.

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    Android users, welcome to 3 year old hardware performance: https://twitter.com/codinghorror/...
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    @demiko sorry, thought i'd bring some actual evidence to these discussions rather than just bitching about half truths
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    @pra@practiseSafeHex enough. I have seen at least 30 comments of yours saying some bullshit about JavaScript rendering performance that you got from some article. Please just stop. Thank you.
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    @practiseSafeHex But... This thread wasn't about performance, it was about features.
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    @waqas-ibrahim ok

    1. Don't be ridiculous with "30" it was 3.

    2. Of all places on the internet, here (a place for technical people to moan) is the perfect place to bring up points like that.

    3. It is very relevant, accurate and confirmed by multiple sources.

    4. As you pointed out, they are comments, not new posts i'm starting over and over again, replies i'm posting to others saying the negative.

    5. Have you complained to the others saying the opposite? Several have been involved in multiple threads too.

    6. What I have said is not offensive, racist or hurtful towards any groups or genders, so don't tell me what I can or can't post.

    7. "some bullshit" - don't get offended by something you have made no effort to understand.

    8. "some article" - yes I took one article and posted it, I don't have the time to post links to every piece of the story.
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    @Python could just as easily say the post was about users too, or about the 2 phones, or the OS's.

    Everyone has an attitude like i'm post satanic rituals or Nazi propaganda. Someone said something negative about one platform in favour of another, I replied a comment with the opposite. Feel free to ignore it and move on
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    @practiseSafeHex What? If everyone has that attitude against you, maybe it has something to do with your own attitude.
    Anyway, carry on.
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    @demiko an evidence based comparison of one device's performance versus another is not a relevant point in a discussion about how those 2 devices compare to each other?

    You all give apple and apple fans a really hard time, but you have to be some of the most close minded and stubborn people i've ever met
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    @demiko A huge part of UX is responsiveness. Can't count how many talks and seminars i've been in where experts have quoted figures about how long users are willing to wait before leaving.

    In his posts Jeff has talked about being unable to use the power available and duming down services because the Android side can't keep up. Or having to spend time and money building elaborate workarounds because the UX was suffering due to Androids lack of power
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    @demiko pfft ... and thats my queue to just leave, that is just being dismissive because you don't like the answer.

    How something performs is relevant towards comparisons, how something performs at loading and rendering webpages is IMMENSELY relevant to UX.

    Have fun with your negativity
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    @runfrodorun I think it's more about Apple claiming to be first with a lot of things that has already existed for a while.
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    @Python if they did do that I would completely agree. But here's the issue. At the event the other night, Apple did not stand up and say we added the first OLED, or the first wireless charging.

    At one point Phil even explained why they hadn't added OLED until now, clearly highlighting it's not the first attempt.

    Again with wireless they highlighted compatibility with "all the existing products".

    What they said they own, built, created, innovated whatever, was the new features they added. An oled WITH better colour saturation and accuracy. Wireless WITH the ability to charge multiple simultaneously etc.

    That's the issue here, everyone heard OLED and stopped listing saying "oh classic apple stealing something"
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    At least on android it's optional and customizable.
    I mean having to swipe up from the very bottom to close an app? That's just retatded imo...
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    The important thing to remember is the iPhone X facial recognition isn't protected under Amendment 4/5.....so are you able to lock the phone with a PIN/Password?
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    @RandarXJ7 pretty sure whoever was demonstrating face unlock encountered an error and had to unlock with a code so probably yes
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    @practiceSafeHex relax homie, no point comparing iOS and Android, its like apples to oranges. =) Android is built for many form factors and uses. iOS is optimized for specific hardware
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