A guy who's parked next to me in the RV asked me today if I know anything about computers. Sure, what's it about?

He has forgotten his password for a Word .doc file, already installed all possible tools for password cracking, but none of them worked, and now
he can't find his vacation photos and surfing the internet suddenly doesn't work anymore.

Okay, no problem, I'll take a look at it. Windows 7 Home Edition, completely covered with malware, everywhere popups with pr0n ads.

I told him that I can't do much more than trying to recover the data and reinstall the OS. But before that, I'll make a image of the hard drive (thank god, only a 250 GB hdd). Then we'll see.

Unfortunately neither he nor I have a Windows DVD, so he will probably become a proud user of Antergos tomorrow.

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    Yeesh, sounds fun
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    Lol so you went from "I cannot open this .doc file" to "I cannot open any .doc file"?
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    @ChappIO I can send you a windows 7 pro iso and key if you want have 2 spare once
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    *singing* ...Linux is ALWAYS the ANSWER, it's NEVER a question, 'cause the answer is YES, oh the answer is YES...
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    To finish the story: I was able to recover most of the data - and also all of his Word documents (Word 2007, simple password protection). BlackArch Linux is a good friend :)

    I installed Antergos for him - and what can I say - he is absolutely thrilled.
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