When you are Amazon employee and accidentally deleted half of internet because of S3

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    Care to elaborate? I can't find anything about such thing
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    @Tobyvw its quite old, but not that old. Still making me laugh https://gizmodo.com/how-one-little-...
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    @harrocan ah right thanks
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    Damn.., what a coincidence.
    I made s3 as database., And I dropped it thinking it will not delete the data in s3.
    Just few minutes before. FML.

    For those who are wondering, how dropping won't delete the data. Search Hive external table.
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    @Gowtham95india just turn on versioning ;)
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    Yes, I should have done that. I'll check it first and restore if available. Else I'll turn on. Let's see.
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    @Gowtham95india Why do you use S3 for database?
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    Bigdata. Setting up HDFS and managing it ? I felt like I could go with S3.
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    @Gowtham95india Oh, yeah of course. My bad. I was thinking you had to read from it a lot, where performance mattered. But I guess that's not the case
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