Oh look, you aren't doing shit. You have 2 weeks worth of testing to complete and you are checking out stories on the Yahoo front page.

Useless. Completely incompetent. Idiot. Imbecile. Moron. Stupid. How dense? Let me count the ways...

Do you know anything?! You use big words to sound important and look like you know your shit. In reality, you have no clue!

How you have managed to capture this job is baffling to me. It shows there is much work to be done to filter out toxic, incompetent people like you. Otherwise, the industry will be plagued with a terrible fear of sub-par employees.

Your lack of common decency for the office space is appalling. Your attitude and "can do no wrong" personality is disgusting. And the cherry on top? It is impossible for you to admit mistakes and take ownership for your actions. You can be inexperienced, stressed out, or even make a mistake once in a while. Yet, the moment you DO fuck up and act like nothing was your fault, that most of it was MY fault, or the TEST environment's fault, or the other team's fault, a lack of resources, a lack of time, ANYTHING but your own damn incompetence, you are dead to me.

You are, by far, the worst co-worker I have ever had.

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    Do you work in my office, it sounds very much like one of my co workers!
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    Out of every news/stories site he can choose, he picked fucking YAHOO?!? :😵
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    @linuxxx I've worked with colleagues exactly as bad as the original post suggests, but the Yahoo news was by far the worst part of the whole thing.
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    Possibly. Does this person also take personal phone calls at their desk and suck up to the boss?
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    Like I said, worst co-worker ever.
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    I'm sure it's not you. "Sorry" is not in this person's vocabulary.

    Yeah, it's definitely not you. 😀
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    @minimango and also makes personal phone calls on office phone. And a big yes to sucking up to the boss!

    I love it when they are on holiday, it feels like I'm on holiday too
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