I'm a linux fan (not fanboy) and I just discovered I can have a Microsoft Imagine account from my school and I don't fucking know if I want to use windows to learn Azure and .NET
I quite hate Microsoft for their privacy policies and their recent approach to windows
But it would be a shame not to learn that stuff
Any advice?
Fuck (to make it more ranty)

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    I would say don't. If you really wanna go through with learning .NET then pirate visual studio or whatever and browse all of the free tutorials on the internet. Or do if you know really well how to conceal yourself. Most importantly your IP.
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    @Numinex i don't need to pirate it, it's included in MS Imagine
    I might just make a win 10 vm for devving that
    "fake" account for the license and that would be all
    Yeah, I'll probably go that way
    I don't really care about the code that MS will read, it will be useless to them (rlly pissed off for that)
    that would probably be the best option if I want to learn .Net
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    Had the same option! Said no for ethical reasons :). But hey it's up to you!
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    Yeah I claimed all of the free MS products too... Not gonna use it in the near future but why not
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    I guess I'm a Godless bastard, I'm downloading something around 35GB of stuff
    the intention is to have hyper-v server on my second laptop with all the mayor OSs
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