Oh my God ...
Windows 10 Creators Update is the best version of Windows 10 ever


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    "best version of Windows", so, the best of the worst? 😂
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    That's like saying the last Metallica album was the best in the last 25 years. It's not much to be said.
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    Dunno if this is sincere or just a troll... 😝😝
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    @Dacexi @ocab19 @CozyPlanes or he just enjoys using Windows. No need to be toxic to the guy and say he's a troll just for that
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    So the latest patch makes it the best version.

    Everything else would be a strange headline. "Microsoft proudly announces: new version not as good as last one".
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    @Dacexi Best version of Windows *10* though
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    *Says Microsoft
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    I'm a hostile Mac owner, I've been using Windows 10 creators update... It's damn nice. Now, with the Linux shells, I might even switch back.... Fucking crazy.
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    @iam13islucky I was just leaving my honest opinion. I think windows is absolute trash and I envy anyone actually having to use it.
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    @DevMode there are really good replacements for windows software. The only problem is games. But still. 90% of my steam link works native in Linux.
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    @DevMode you could try running an kvm with gpu passthrough but I haven't tried that though.
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    @Dacexi until overwatch plays natively on Linux, I really won't consider switching my main PC to it. I enjoy using it for programming, but fighting with compatibility on games, which are supposed to be enjoyable, drains me.
    That is what ultimately made me switch back to Windows when I used Linux exclusively for about 6 months.
    Sorry if I seemed to react badly, it's just that a guy can't say Windows or Microsoft here without getting tons of "ha, but looks us better, are you dumb" people on the post. Kinda kills useful discussion, y'know?
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    @iam13islucky Yeah I totally get you. OW was keeping me from switching to Linux but we started playing so rarely I just installed Linux and dualbooted windows (I only use it like once a month)
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