Should I delete DevRant?

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    Flip a one sided coin
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    You're practically asking to delete life itself.
    Don't do it. Nostalgia will get to you.
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    Adderall exists, ya know. It's amazing for focusing. Uhh so I've been told... definitely... don't...take it.
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    you should. don't delete your account, do delete the app.
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    Develop a survey app or an ai which help your to decide. And if your feel the need to rant about something due your development process, let us hear you moan and keep devRant! The journey is the destination and the destination is to keep devRant 😺
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    @ThatDude Can confirm. Stopped using the app for several months. Couldn't delete. Just came back today.
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    @shittywebdev welcome back!
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