Ranted about him before. The to the max windows fanboy. But next to being that, he had the habit of shooting down any and every idea/suggestion etc I had. Which is still quite 'fine' if you come up with good alternatives but he only came up with his own fucking preferences. (thing to keep in mind is that he wasn't even on our (me and one other guy) projects (!!!))

It would always go like this:

Him: soo, how are you planning on doing this?
Me: well I was thinking about {insert idea}.
Him: *wtf face* why?!?
Me: *comes up with constructive arguments*
Him: well, it's non of my business as I'm not on the project...... Buuuuuuut I'd do it with this: {insert anything in relation to Microsoft and the stack i said}.

It's bearable if that happens once.
It's annoying to fucking death when you hear that 10+ FUCKING TIMES EVERY DAY.

Every time I ended up completely boiling inside and getting the best possible practice at self-control. I never snapped even once.

When he finished his internship I talked to a colleague that he had to partner up with after a week or two to ask what he thought about that guy.
His reaction: he's a fucking disrespectful lowlife and a cunt. He was veeeeeeeeeery annoying with me and always shooting down my ideas but danm he was nearly fucking bullying/intimidating you every fucking day! He makes me fucking sick.

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    Oh fuck. This.

    I have the exact same Windows fanboy.
    "Linux is so shitty, it doesn't even have a start button"

    With the usual "Linux is so shitty because it's bad" -.-

    It's just... Windows is the one and only operating system for these guys. Some shitty guys, needing two fucking years (!!) to add a damn string into a Visual Basic list view.

    Why do I have to work with such unhuman beings :c
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    wow what a fucking dick.

    Most of my uni's sysadmins are middle-flag devs, meaning they both consider Windows and Linux for both production and development so whenever an MS fanboy interned with the dep, they either leave or get converted because they will ALWAYS learn the hard way Windows isn't the only OS and Microsoft isn't the only company that makes software.
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    Kudos to you not losing your temper, takes a lot to not <insert method> somebody like that :/
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    Okay, I know that us Mac/Linux fans can be a bit talkative about our systems, but I myself never do that kind of bullshit, even though I hate Windows. Of course, I have some respect for Microsoft, but not for the actual system.
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    I once was 1 word away from giving a beating of a lifetime to a windows fanboy
    I only gave him a beating of a month
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    Just consider this: the most infuriating thing to a fanboy is if you laugh at his ideas instead of getting angry or arguing and using reason. For example:
    Him: Buuuuuuut I'd do it with this: {insert anything in relation to Microsoft and the stack i said}.
    You: Oh, I know you would. (with a smile and barely hidden laugh, implying that he just said the most stupid thing imaginable, or even beyond that, but since you are such a nice person you are not laughing in his face).

    Also, respond to other statements as you normally would respond to any other mentally challenged person: friendly, with a smile, and completely ignoring that nonsensical babbling of his.

    It would help if your colleagues start also responding in similar fashion. After a short while this should make him explod with fury.
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