First worl problem.

There is only 1 10Gbits port on router. I'm already using it (Usage never exceeds 3.5 Gbits).

I wanto to add second device, also in 10 GBits.

Hub or Switch ?

On the one hand, my fiber max out at 3.5 Gbits.

On the other hand, I might want full 10 Gbitrs for Pc to PC communication.

Do I need 10 ? 99% : NO. But there is this 1% when everything is so fast !

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    Where's the problem - get a 10Gb switch with an internal backbone capable of 13.5 Gb/s.
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    @Oktokolo "backbone" is my ISP. It's a home setu, not work.

    If my Pc to Pc is already using 10, I would bet that "internet at 3.5" is not used. Just copying "Home movies" of 40 GB

    And it happens... Well once every 4 months.
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    @devRantUser1 you checked wrong. The word "world" has many meanings.
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    @devRantUser1 Bit rude to ignore all the second and third world countries...
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    @devRantUser1 maybe in your small world.
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    @NoToJavaScript backbone is the max bandwidth of the switch.

    You can get a 24 10gbe port switch but it can't do 240gbe at once.
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    If I see a download speed in MBs I get excited lol, most of the time it is in KBs, and sometimes its < 500KB
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    Think of a hub as an intersection with no stop signs.

    Think of a switch as an intersection with instantly reactive traffic detection and lights to martial traffic.

    Generally speaking switch when in doubt. Hub if you can't afford a switch.
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    @NoToJavaScript That sounds like a 1Gb switch would be okay - and it would also be an order of magnitude cheaper.
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    @Oktokolo It's rare, but sometimes I need to copy a 40 GB file from one PC to another :) Let's say it's "familly video"
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    @NoToJavaScript If it's rare, a 1Gb connection should be enough. Or just use a usb stick for that.
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    @Oktokolo So far :

    "Server" (linux, because it matters for some readers) is in 10 Gbits to router.

    "Work/game" PC (Windows) is in wifi, because I can't find how to pass cable witout drilling holes. Wifi sync at 544 (down) / 476 (up). Honestly good enough

    And I moved "familly video" downloading directlly on server, so it does get full 3.2 Gbits Internet.

    So far that works.
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