How do you organize your downloads folder?

Personally, I make a new folder with some name(altough the name actually being useful is rare) and just select all of my files and dump them there. Finding a file sucks so much though, I can never remember their names so I just look through the folders at the icons and hope I find the file I'm looking for. This mess that is my downloads folder led to looking 5 times in a folder to find a file.

My DOS VM is more organized than that...

Speaking of DOS managing memory in that is hell. I've never had memmaker detect 64MB of RAM, giving the VM 96MB of RAM made it detect 2 more MB or something.

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    I usually put all of them into a temporary directory that gets cleared at reboot, and copy all files that I actually need again to some other location, into a folder with a fitting category name.
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    DOS vm? Why do you use it?
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    @gitpush one day I was bored and didn't have something to do so I decided to play around with DOS
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    I don't 😅
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    @1989 desktop? You mean that animated thing that is always hidden by Chrome and/or other apps?
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