Friend: Can you teach me to code??

Me: Hell yes, bout time you came to your senses.

Friend pulls out iPad: Okay, lesson one!

Me: Did you actually just pull out an iPad? Get a fucking computer or laptop!

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    @Torbuntu I don't Apple either 😋
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    Maybe he wants to learn swift?
    IPad is sufficient for that to some degree.

    Beyond that, nope got get a laptop/MacBook
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    Continuous IDE works for F# and C#. Swift playgrounds works for Swift. You can get scratch on an iPad. Instead of being disgusted at someone using an iPad why not show enthusiasm? As developers we all need to get off our high horses, out of our ivory fucking towers and start helping people instead of ridiculing and fucking disheartening them! People wonder why we get a bad rap, jeez!
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    @ridecar2 very glad to see an attitude like this. It's a refreshing change. :)
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    I actually tried it, with the keyboard too, because I didn't want to carry a 4kg laptop around
    it sucks, slow af, no intellisense, no git, the compiler took hours
    i started carrying my 4kg again
    (But no more, new lappy, yay :D )
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    You misspelled "Get the fuck away from me"
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    If it was android you could've shown him termux. It's a really cool app.

    Edit: app/terminal
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    You could've told him to use those programming apps. Lesson 2 will be laptop though.
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    I actually work on my iPad when I’m not at home. Ssh into aws container and developing in vim. Works flawless.
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    Just a short plug for c9.io an inbrowser IDE.
    With a keyboard you might just have it work on an iPad as well.
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