When front end developer start testing just before working hours are complete 😑 and you have to stay to fix bugs.

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    @AlexDeLarge they don't come on time 😔
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    @ahmadabdullah24 Awwwww the Devs don't come in at 9 exactly and throw their pen on the desk when the clock hits 5. Boo hoo.

    Fucking hate that 9-5 mentality. Tho to be honest I don't expect others to be there after 5 so it's all fair and square
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    @TktStatusPICNIC that is what I do usually 😂
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    @Froot to be honest I have no issue if you have to do this for a few days. But you do it regularly at least have the curtsy to change official timing 😑
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    @Froot plus what is not the point of a job if you can't spend time with your family 😞
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    @ahmadabdullah24 Well to each their own. But that was the point I was trying to make in the end. Nut cases like me might be ok with staying in the office till 9pm to get that one feature done but we should never expect others to do the same. I love tinkering away on my code with no distractions in the evening but I won't expect the QA team to be there to test it. I'll send it over when I'm done and they'll look at it in the morning, all good 😊
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