Best Programmer's Breakup:
* me * used to code in Javascript and PHP
* Girl * Also a Programmer

Me: You are a semicolon to my code.
Girl: Awwwwwww.. That's so sweet.
Me: * Trying to breakup * I recently switched to Python and want to use only a single language now.

* It Works! *

P.S.: Still use all three Languages ❤

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    That's a hella rude way to break up with your so
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    @dontPanic I know right, we are back together, again..😂
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    Careful it doesn't become a bittersweet symfony ^.^

    Besides, if you wanted to be rude..
    Why not grab a broomstick and try to push her out with it, saying you're the garbage collector here to collect.
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    @lotd she used to debug my code, so I guess I need her anyway.
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    @demiko No man, I realised she was actually good at debugging and she was not on devrant (++)
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    @demiko you know sometimes you wanna do but you can't get over her in the end. Same Sh*t Happened.😁
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    @demiko you got it man..😶
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    Best way to break up:

    Me: "segfault"
    Her: "kernel panic"
    Her: *shuts down*

    The end.
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