2,8 trillion dollar company btw. Unannounced maintenance (not showing up on their status page either). Wanted to publish a fucking ios bugfix, now I can't do shit.

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    Perhaps a security incident?
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    unannounced maintenance aka polite way of saying "unexpected fuckup"
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    But but just works...anyway you'll not get the same amount of ++ and comments if it was Microsoft instead of apple
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    @JASON "2 comma 8"? Any South Africans who can confirm they say this in English as well?
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    @TheBeardedOne how would you read out loud a number that uses comma as decimal separator in South Africa?
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    @JASON In Europe everyone uses comma as a decimal separator except the UK.
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    "2,8 trillion" would be "Two point eight trillion" however we'd likely write with a "." instead

    "1, 632, 860" would be "one million six hundred thirty-two thousand eight hundred and sixty"

    Here the commas are just for readability. We'd use commas like that. In school we were taught to use commas for decimals but in practice no one does. Only time you might see it is to denote cents e.g. something priced R7,99 but even this if t was on a print label, most likely a dot

    I haven't given this any thought for ages but reckon a lot of people would type a "." but write "," by hand
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    @ostream ok...now show us on this doll where you got hurt.

    Lol Microsofttards, how old are you, five?
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    @ostream Sorry I overestimated your age... you're closer to 4
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    @ostream ok ... Here there is a candy
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