do you guys think multitasking is a high standard? at work we deem it essential, but i wonder if it's too much to expect new people to pick up on our pace. if we're not coding in a meeting while answering texts and emails, we're not getting anything done

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    Multitasking suuuuuucks.

    It's imho sth that gets seen and promoted as a good thing...

    While it's the opposite.

    If all people stopped doing, number of meetings would decline a lot probably.
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    @IntrusionCM sure, but i can't pick the meetings i have to go in, so i have to keep my work going even with the dumb meetings. most of them I'm just in as a listener, so it's not a huge hassle to do other things simultaneously
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    The problem isn't the multitasking, it's having too many meetings/distractions from your core work
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    @darksideofyay can understand, but imho it's a crude workaround to solve a problem that should be addressed instead xD
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    @alturnativ the issue here is the "actual job" part. we're not in a dev company nor a dev environment, so the actual job involves communication with non devs on the regular. the position I'm in is a mix of dev and business i suppose.

    i agree it's not healthy and that I'm very used to a fucked up workflow tho
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    Generally humans are not good at multi tasking. Focusing on one task at a time would be more efficient in theory.
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    @darksideofyay hmm, in that case I would say make sure to ration out your time based on all the responsibilities of the "actual job". If you try to spend all your time doing both there's a much bigger chance of messing up both :( definitely don't push yourself too hard either way!
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    1 thing at a time is already a stretch for me as my natural pace is -2
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    @TheBeardedOne you're naturally undoing two things at a time?
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    Sure if your meetings are just people saying "Sorry, I wasn't listening. Could you please repeat?"

    I think it would be rude to multitask if you're actually needed in a meeting, but not if you're supposed to just listen with a half ear (in which case you might as well not attend the meeting but that's not what happens).
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    Horrible workplace with a delusion of multitasking. Human brain is not fit for multitasking, even if you claim you can. It can not surpass a focused brain.
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    @aviophile we're also not fit to focus on anything for over 40 min so
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    @darksideofyay this is why you give breaks.
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