When I used Windows and I needed to flash a rom I had to download minimal adb and fastboot package to use adb and fastboot.

I am using Manjaro now so I thought there must be a minimal package. Searched on pacman and android-tools is already installed and it's just a 2mb package. I love linux 😁

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    Mint didn't recognise my phone in ADB mode, so I had to use Windows to flash Oreo. Gotta hate Linux sometimes 😛
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    @620hun Reinstalling adb probably would've resolved that. Or simply not using Mint lol
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    i got my kindle bootlooped :,) adb cannot even help me now
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    @ParkCity sideload doesn't work in Kindle?
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    @ParkCity got my One Plus Two bootlooping, I know the feels
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    The reason why working with Android phones on Linux is a lot easier is, that Android uses Linux partition formats which windows does not recognize by default (but Linux supports basically any format, which is pretty neat).
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    @justsomeguy not even the latest version worked on Mint KDE. On Cinnamon it did. Who knows, I just use Windows for ADB.
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    @620hun When in doubt, blame Mint
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