There was a time when the programming gods starting creating IDEs for their languages. And all obeyed that whenever the dev presses enter on an intellisense menu , the grace of the programming gods would help the dev. But VB rebelled. It was too much for him to spoon feed the dev, so he said to himself "NO MORE SHALL THEY PRESS ENTER AND HAVE THE GODS MAKE MAGICAL TEXT APPEAR! NO NO, TAB IT WILL BE, AND I'LL WATCH THEM BURN WHENEVER THEY TRY TO USE INTELLISENSE ON ME". And since then, VB has seen frustrations of devs beyond count.

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    Dammit, I would upvote this all the way to a stress ball if I could!
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    Thank you kind sir! Your mutual frustration is consoling beyond belief.
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    This pretty much sums up my daily life... Actually my whole week... I salute you sir.
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    Posts like this prove how important it is to have DevRant around! Pain is real and mutual! :')
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